Bratva Beast

An Enemies to Lovers Russian Mafia Romance
Kozlov Brothers - Book 1

I have a secret...
I’m the daughter of one of the most deplorable Bratva Bosses in the underworld.
Only I didn’t know that growing up.
I was shielded and under his watchful eye until his past caught up with him and tragedy struck.
I fled to Moscow to find answers, and the only thing I found was my father’s past chasing after me.
I had nowhere to go until I came upon the perfect hideout.
Only my perfect little hideout wasn’t so perfect.
I ran right into my father’s enemy.
Misha Kozlov, aka “the beast”. The most powerful Bratva Boss in Moscow.
He terrifies me in ways I have never been terrified before, yet he fascinates me.
He’s dark, dangerous, and delicious.
I was instantly drawn to him…but when he discovers the truth about me, it sends shockwaves that could get us both killed.
Whoever says the truth will set you free is a f**king liar; the truth screws you over before it sets you free.

Bratva Rebel

An Enemies to Lovers Russian Mafia Romance
Kozlov Brothers - Book 2


I needed a physical therapist for a hit gone wrong.
What I found is the most tempting, sensuous, and beddable Gemma Santos.
I have never encountered a woman who did not do exactly what I want when I want.
She is all woman full of morals and goodness.
She’s beguiling and irresistible, a fresh of breath air.
She is the peace in my chaotic life.
I need her like I need air to breathe.
Mark my words, I will trap her, break her, and devour her whole.


I needed a job; I was running out of time and money.
I was railroaded into being Dmitriy Kozlov’s physical therapist.
He’s known as the dark rebel because he takes what he wants, when he wants, and f**k the consequences.
I didn’t want to be involved in his Bratva World, full of danger and violence, but no is not in his vocabulary.
He’s a beautiful blue-eyed bastard, a cold-hearted, unmerciful savage, raised on cruelty and violence with the scars to show it.
The more I tell myself to leave, the harder it is to resist him.
His ravenous gaze makes me weak in the knees.
I’ve become the moth to his burning flame.
He’s blowing my entire world apart.
What Dmitriy wants, Dmitriy gets and right now, that’s me.

Bratva Prince

An Enemies to Lovers Russian Mafia Romance
Kozlov Brothers - Book 3

Ivan Kozlov

Willow pulls off the innocent little princess like a charm, but she doesn’t know who she is dealing with.
She’s a sexy and beautiful deceiver who needs to be taught a lesson and I’m the perfect man for the job.
It started off as carnal pleasure, but surprising information fell right into my lap.
So, I took her, and I will use her to get back what was rightfully mine.
She says she hates me, but I say I hate her too as I capture her, ravage her and make her mine.

Willow Egorov

Ivan is a criminal, a killer, a monster.
My father took something precious from him and now he’s out for blood.
I didn’t see him coming.
But the moment I do, it’s too late.
Our paths should never have crossed, but one stupid and spontaneous trip to Greece would change my life forever.
I got caught in his crossfire and there is nowhere to run or hide.
He’s deadly, cunning, and dangerous.
Falling for him would not only destroy me but it may just be my demise.


Bratva Bastard

An Enemies to Lovers Russian Mafia Romance
Kozlov Brothers - Book 4


A kind stranger calmed me down from one of the worst flights of my life.
I forgot my Xanax and started to have a panic attack, 30,000 feet in the air.
Little did I know that day would change my life forever.
Maxim Kozlov looked and acted the part of a kind stranger. He’s a massive, powerfully strong bastard with brutal, deep blue eyes that promise all kinds of delicious things. He was like something out of a dream, so I fell fast and hard.
Prior to Maxim, my life goals were simple and clear. A passionless marriage, my own yoga studio, and a secure but dull future.
I was seriously happy with these goals until he opened my eyes and showed me what real passion is like.
He makes me feel things no one ever has. Things I didn’t imagine possible.
I didn’t know what I was missing until Maxim turned my cooling embers into a raging inferno.
But Maxim is the farthest thing from a kind, sweet man. He is arrogant as hell, and trouble seems to follow him wherever he goes. He is a master of deception and destroys everything in his path.
He is a complicated man with a complicated past and a complicated present, with secrets.
His secrets not only ruined my chances of having a respectable future, they also led to my kidnapping and brought me dangerously close to losing my life.



I’m broken, dangerous, and wanted by my Bratva family’s rival.
After the mysterious disappearance of my mother, I discovered that I have three brothers, Misha, Ivan, and Dmitriy.
I sought out their help in locating our mother, only to be shot and sent to Brazil for recovery and to hide from whoever is threatening our family.
That’s when I ran into Cristiana Diaz.
The exact moment that I laid eyes on her, she became mine to possess.
I had no business even looking at a girl like Crissy. She is too young, too trusting, and far too innocent.
Touching her could be my undoing.
She’s the forbidden fruit, and being the bastard that I am, I took a bite.

I found solace in her, and she became my salvation. Her innocence has enchanted me, and now I want more of her.
I snatched her from the mundane existence she had created for herself and wrapped her in mine.
There's no way she'd expect a happy ending to her naive little fairytale if she knew the kind of man I was.

Bratva Queen

A Russian Mafia Romance
Kozlov Brothers - Book 5

Queen Isabel has reigned for years as the leader of a criminal organization, commanding fear and
respect from all who know her.
She has a reputation for punishing those who cross her and rewarding those who serve her faithfully.
Her criminal empire stretches across the continent, making her one of the most powerful and dangerous figures in the underworld.
She may be known as the cruel bratva queen now, but I remember a time when she was still innocent and full of life.
For years, I have watched and guarded her from afar, longing to touch and hold her, yet remaining in the shadows to protect her.
She is a masterpiece, and I am her canvas. I am devoted to painting my life with her colors for as long as I can.
But the past has finally caught up with us, and time is no longer on our side. I can’t help but wonder if there will ever be a chance for us to be together.

He saved me from the brink of death, by the hands of my very own husband.
I had no choice but to marry that cruel and vile man, or risk losing my own life and that of my beloved Aleksei.
Aleksei was my protector, my savior, my one true love. My thoughts were consumed by him.
He became the reason I woke up each morning, the force that propelled me forward from my once pathetic existence.
I craved him like a drug, needing his touch to soothe my tired soul. He was the only thing that could make me feel complete, and I knew I had to have more.
But then he vanished without a trace, leaving no sign of his whereabouts and no word to be heard from him again.
If my husband discovered my survival, I shudder to think what he might have done to me or my boys.
So I decided to create my own underworld empire and abandon my former life, even my own sons, who also believed me to be dead.
That was years ago, and my sons have grown into men, with their own Bratva Kingdom and families to look after.
But my cover has been blown and I owe my boys an explanation. Will they ever accept me, forgive me?
Will I ever see my true love again?