Misty Winters

Bratva Beast

I have a secret…
I’m the daughter of one of the most deplorable Bratva Bosses in the underworld.
Only I didn’t know that growing up.
I was shielded and under his watchful eye until his past caught up with him and tragedy struck.
I fled to Moscow to find answers, and the only thing I found was my father’s past chasing after me.
I had nowhere to go until I came upon the perfect hideout.
Only my perfect little hideout wasn’t so perfect.
I ran right into my father’s enemy.
Misha Kozlov, aka “the beast”. The most powerful Bratva Boss in Moscow.
He terrifies me in ways I have never been terrified before, yet he fascinates me.
He’s dark, dangerous, and delicious.
I was instantly drawn to him…but when he discovers the truth about me, it sends shockwaves that could get us both killed.
Whoever says the truth will set you free is a f**king liar; the truth screws you over before it sets you free.

Misty Winters

Bratva Rebel


I needed a physical therapist for a hit gone wrong. What I found is the most tempting, sensuous, and beddable Gemma Santos. I have never encountered a woman who did not do exactly what I want when I want. She is all woman full of morals and goodness. She’s beguiling and irresistible, a fresh of breath air. She is the peace in my chaotic life. I need her like I need air to breathe. Mark my words, I will trap her, break her, and devour her whole.


I needed a job; I was running out of time and money. I was railroaded into being Dmitriy Kozlov’s physical therapist. He’s known as the dark rebel because he takes what he wants, when he wants, and f**k the consequences. I didn’t want to be involved in his Bratva World, full of danger and violence, but no is not in his vocabulary. He’s a beautiful blue-eyed bastard, a cold-hearted, unmerciful savage, raised on cruelty and violence with the scars to show it. The more I tell myself to leave, the harder it is to resist him. His ravenous gaze makes me weak in the knees. I’ve become the moth to his burning flame. He’s blowing my entire world apart. What Dmitriy wants, Dmitriy gets and right now, that’s me.

Misty Winters

Enemy Love

I’ve fallen in love with my kidnapper. WTF have I done…

Damian isn’t your typical boy next door, he’s the boy the neighbors hide from, he’s the man your friends tell you to leave alone, and your mother tells you he’s no good.

But I didn’t listen, not when Damian is everything beautiful, wrapped up in the perfect package, with his smooth tongue, and devilish charm.

I kept telling myself meeting a guy like Damian is too good to be true. And I was right. Not everything is as it seems. Damian is hiding a dark secret and the clock is ticking.

I fell for his lies and let him whisk me away to Italy. I expected the romance of a lifetime but found myself in Mafia crime boss hell.

My life is in danger, and I may be in too deep. But surprise protection and love rush in when I least expect it. My life depends on where my loyalties lie.

I must choose wisely or suffer the consequences…

Author Bio

Misty Winters

I’m Misty Winters, the “Mother of Chihuahuas”… also of three human children, and I’m the debut author of some new steamy contemporary romance novels. I’ve always been an avid reader, devouring whole books in one sitting, and with my vivid imagination, writing was a natural next step. I love creating plots and characters that can provide my readers with an escape from the everyday. My ability to concoct stories has always been my inspiration, and besides, who doesn’t want to spend the day dreaming up romantic bad boy leads?

I’m an animal fanatic, and my little fur babies, Lulu, Oliver, and Winston, are my cheerleaders while I write. I firmly believe a good laugh can heal the soul, and for those it doesn’t, red wine will do the trick.

I love to camp, hike, travel and explore, but also to hunker down in my garden and, of course, read! Mexican food is my go-to because I like my food the same way I like my romantic leads, spicy! I was born and raised in Arizona, but my family and I now live in Iowa. I hope you’ll follow me to stay up to date with all that is Misty Winters.

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